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Pjotr van Schothorst

When I studied Applied Physics at Delft University, The Netherlands, back in the year 1980, I had the desire to contribute to the development of nuclear fusion, as a solution for the World's energy, water, and ultimately food supply problems. As the expected date for commercial availability of nuclear fusion kept shifting, I shifted my ambitions and became interested in other forms of energy, and in other more practical topics like 3D graphics and simulation. Having achieved some success in my ventures in these areas, I've now gone back to my original interest, and invest some of my money in promising start-up companies that have a potential to save, generate or store energy clean energy. I am also interested in waste valorization and industrial electrification.

Although the company is a personal investment venture, I have some experienced partners with a successful track record in areas that are relevant to start-up venturing, like entrepreneurship, chemical engineering, intellectual property (IP) protection, strategy & risk analysis.


Den Haag, The Netherlands

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