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TY-SiC-Holding_rgb_ZW - 1000x270.png

Yellow-SiC is developing a new technology capable of splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen in a one-step process using only sunlight, enabled by a cubic crystal structure of ultra-high purity silicon carbide (3C SiC) serving as a catalyst. I invested in a SAFE in December 2022.

Brevel-LOGO 1000x270.png

Brevel "brews" microalgae in an indoor, internally lit bioreactor. The resulting biomassa consists of protein, carbohydrates, fiber, and functional lipids, which can be used as ingredients by the vegan food industry. 

I invested in a SAFE in December 2022.

Eexion logo - 1000x270.png

Eexion develops a battery based enhanced supercapacitor technology. It charges up to 100 times faster than classic lithium-ion, while maintaining superior energy density and capacity over +30,000 cycles.
It is sustainable, safe, recyclable, and cost-efficient, with no lithium involved. I participated in the seed round in August 2022.

Spark logo - 1000x270.png

Spark designs and manufactures off-grid solar systems (PV panels and portable batteries) to families in rural communities in Africa. Modular, expandable and future proof. I participated in a loan to accelerate their expansion in June 2022.

Ren-Fus-Logo 1000x270.png

Renaissance Fusion is a nuclear fusion start-up in Grenoble, France, developing a stellarator reactor, aiming at making simple fusion electricity cheap. I participated in the pre-seed round in 2021.

Blockheating Logo + 1000x270.png

Blockheating places a containerized mini data center at the premises of a greenhouse horticulturist, and uses the data center's residual heat to warm the greenhouse. This results in energy savings for both the data center and the horticulturist. With the enormous growth in data processing and storage demand, this solution offsets some of the increasing CO2 emissions of the data center market. I provided a convertible loan in December 2020.

LeydenJar logo - 1000x270.png

LeydenJar Technologies is a European based high tech venture, developing pure silicon anodes and its production technology, to boost the energy density of Li-ion battery cells for consumer electronics, electric vehicles, and residential energy storage. We formed a group of 5 angels to make an investment in July 2019.

Delft IMP logo - 1000x270.png

Delft IMP has developed a new process and machine for adding nanocoatings to powders, leading to a better cathode material for Li-ion batteries, with improved capacity and lifetime. I made an investment in October 2020. 

Oceans of Energy logo - 1000x270.png

Oceans of Energy develops offshore floating solar systems to create abundant, clean and affordable energy. I provided a convertible loan in March 2020.

Ecosafi logo green background.png

Ecosafi creates locally made biomass for cleaner cooking in Kenia. Interested families get a free cooker and can then purchase the biomass brickets, which are made from farm crop waste. This avoids CO2 and other pollution and is cheaper and more sustainable. I invested in February 2022.

SoSimple Solar Logo - 1000x270.png

SoSimple Solar is a Dutch project developer of PV installations in South Africa. Through a crowdfunding campaign at they raised a bond to develop some new projects whereby they perform the PV investment and installation on the roofs of small and medium size companies, and sell them back the electricity at a competitive rate.

H2PRO logo.png

H2PRO is a startup that developed E-TAC, a revolutionary method for producing green hydrogen by splitting water that is over 95% efficient, safe and cost-competitive with fossil-fuel hydrogen.

I invested in this very promising company in 2021 through Iangels, a modern VC that offers deal-by-deal investment options.

Aqua Spark Logo 1000x270.png

Aqua-Spark is a global investment fund that invests in small to medium enterprises that are working towards the production of safe, accessible aquatic life, such as fish, shellfish and plants, in a way that does not harm the health of the planet. I made an investment in them in 2021 as a diversification and to support their goal.

PEP-logo - 1000x270.png

Perpetuum Energy Partners undertakes geothermal projects, from concept to full development. We provided a convertible loan in March 2020. 

Bluerise - 1000x270.png

Bluerise is a specialist developer of Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) technology. We made an investment in 2018. Allseas,  a global leader in offshore pipeline installation, heavy lift and subsea construction, acquired Allseas, a global leader in offshore pipeline installation, in Juli 2019.

StartUpBootcamp Sustainability Logo.png

Startupbootcamp Sustainability is a new fund which will invest in 30 of the most promising startups and scaleups from around the world that focus on creating a more sustainable planet.

I made an investment in this fund through Nxchange in 2021, and I am mentor in the program.

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