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Interesting research into European VCs and their investments

To get a better understanding of the VC landscape, 8 leading European business schools and universities have joined their efforts and conducted a broad study of VC practices in Europe. In a free report, they present their findings on how European venture capitalists select, value, and structure investment deals, what type of value-added activities they provide, and how successful they are with their investments.

Söderblom, A., Le Pendeven, B., and Verbouw, J., (2023) - Practices of European Venture Capitalists.

This is highly recommended reading for all startup founders and investors. I for sure learned a lot. For example, you often hear the statement: 90% of all startups fail. This is not the case for VC backed startups in Europe: only 22% go bankrupt (slide 50). Not all startups reach VC-funding stage, so the failure rate for early stage private investors like me, this percentage is higher, but certainly not 90%.

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