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Transport system of medical goods of the Urban Ray drone

Urban Ray helps system-relevant infrastructure in healthcare by reducing patients' waiting times and improving their treatment by delivering medical goods up to 7x faster than road-based alternatives. For example, blood samples from the hospital to a medical lab, even during an operation.

Their in-house designed drone allows flying over populated areas. The separate lift and cruise configuration gives vertical take-off and landing capabilities and enables high speeds (100km/h) in horizontal flight. The Ray is designed for urban distances and has a strong focus on safety features.

The Hub is the ground station which is modular by design and can be adapted to customer needs. It is highly automated to realize high delivery frequencies. There is no human interaction with the Ray, making sending and picking up packages easy and secure.

I recently invested in Urban Ray, and I've made this animation for them using Lumion. Great team, great tech, great purpose. There is still a little room left in this round, contact the founders or me if you're interested.

See for more info.

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