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EIC epitching with investors on CleanTech and Energy powered by EuroQuity on April 20 at 2:00 pm CET

I will be one of the jury members in this event.

The European Commission wants to continue their position as leader in terms of clear energy technologies. By maintaining this position, Europe can ensure a global competitive advantage by increasing exports of European sustainable products and tech. In order to further stimulate the progress of innovation in the European Cleantech and Energy-sector the European Innovation Council is organising an EIC ePitching with Investors on Cleantech and Energy, together with top-class European investors next April 20th at 2:00 pm CEST.

This will be the opportunity to discover seven EIC-backed SMEs on Cleantech and Energy solutions that will have the chance to present their innovative solutions to a jury of investors – consisting of representatives from Butterfly, Contrarian Ventures, Demeter, Giano Ventures, Journey Partners, Iberdrola Ventures, Inventures, Metavallon VC, Mitsui, Munich Venture Partners, PVS investments, Total Carbon Neutrality Ventures, and UVC Partners.

These companies were selected by the jury of investors and they were all funded by the European Commission and are now part of their most exclusive acceleration programme:

  1. Enerpoly AB

  2. Rencat

  3. SpinDrive Oy

  4. HAKOM Time Series GmbH

  5. Zaphiro Technologies SA

  6. Biotrem SP. Z o.o.

  7. LeydenJar Technologies BV

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