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Startupbootcamp's Sustainability Accelerator goes live

Updated: Apr 5, 2021

Startupbootcamp Sustainability is a new fund which will invest in 30 of the most promising startups and scaleups from around the world that focus on creating a more sustainable planet. It works a bit like a VC fund, with 3 differences:

  1. The investment they do in startups is not in cash for equity, but the fund gets some equity in each startup by running them through an incubation program, intended to get them ready for a seed or series A investment. The fund pays for the costs of getting the startups to Amsterdam for the 3-month duration of the incubator program.

  2. The fund is publicly traded on the Dutch small-cap exchange Nxchange. So as an investor I am not "stuck" in the fund for a long period, but I can sell some of my shares earlier, or buy additional shares from others.

  3. As an investor in the fund, I get close contact with the startups, which will increase my chances in making a seed investment after the program is finished.

  4. The fund has a clear target for the number of startups they target (30) and the period of the incubation program (3 years, with 10 startups per year).

This is a nice, innovative and promising set-up, which they've done a few years ago also for fintech startups. I made an investment in this fund through Nxchange.

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